Wind Resource Assessment

Wind Resource Assessment(WRA) using the latest scientific tools and software packages is a key area of expertise of WinDForce. WinDForce has carried out assessments for more than 4000 MW of wind farm capacities both in India and abroad.

Wind Resource Assessment involves:

  • Collection of all available wind and site topography data including that from nearby locations
  • Time-series of wind speed measurements carried out in the past at or near the site
  • Long Term Trend Analysis for wind flow through Atmospheric Reanalysis data
  • Published data
  • Revalidations with existing data on generation records from nearby wind farms, if any
  • Assessment of wind probability distributions
  • Annual Energy Production estimates with different wind turbines and assessment of probability of exceedance
  • “State-of-the-art “ modelling tools for e.g. CFD based model for more realistic simulation of wind flow over a given terrain for accurate assessment

While doing WRA, WinDForce uses the output of various models and revalidates the results with its own internal databases, statistical modelling tools developed in house as well as results from track record of generation from existing wind projects in the vicinity, if available. Expert judgment is used for inputting parameters into the models and at arriving at various uncertainties in the analysis. Generation projections are modified according to the projected long term trend of wind flow at the site.

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