Site Prospecting

WinDForce undertakes extensive Site Prospecting and Resource Assessment exercises. It offers services to investors in Windfarm development for:

  • identification of the regions of interest;
  • selection of sites with high development potential;,
  • study of wind profile using the most advanced wind resource and weather models;
  • management of a Wind speed monitoring programme;
  • review, analysis and re-validation of site specific wind speeds;
  • vertical profile characterisation;
  • energy density mapping;
  • conducting a preliminary feasibility study and visit(s) to the site for field validation.

In all the above exercises, WinDForce follows international standards and norms as well as the National Standards with regard to instruments, their callibaration,their positioning and installation, measurements and analysis.

To be a leading international wind energy services company providing cutting edge scientific and engineering solutions.

To engage with diverse clients across the world in creating significant value for them by innovative problem solving approaches leveraged by strong knowledge base and reliable and high quality delivery processes.