Wind Project Profiles

Owner Engineer's work in implementation, monitoring and supervision of 2000 MW for the Wind farm sites in various states of India with varied clientele

As Owner's Engineer,WinDForce supervise and monitor all activities involved in implementation of the project to ensure adherence to the quality plan.The detailed project implementation schedule is prepared in coordination with the client and contractor(s) and sub contractor(s). The service also involves verification of major equipments and materials at points of despatch and delivery.The damaged compenets are immediately reported to the client and the corrective actions are taken. In this role, WinDForce acts as the eye and ears of the client and provides considerable value addition to the project in terms of the quality of works being executed and timely completion of the project.We deploy a team of expert engineers for real time monitoring of the project execution at the site. All the works - civil, electrical and mechanical are monitored as per the agreed QAP and time schedules.

Wind Resource Assessment (WRA) of 4000+ MW Wind farm sites in various states of India with varied clientele

WRA work entails analysis of RAW data using standard models; collection & analysis of NCAR/NCEP reanalysis data; complex terrain modeling using computational fluid dynamics based wind models; analysis of existing daily generation data and assessment of the figures for all the operational wind turbines in wind farm; assessment of wind speed using mean annual wind speeds along with Weibull shape parameter k using in-house models and the K-V Map technique for each wind turbine location; assessment of PLF and Annual Energy Output; assessment of Long term Wind variability for existing wind-farm sites; analysis of wind turbines conditions based on operation & maintenance, breakdown, Machine Availability & Grid Availability data.

Wind Energy Data Analysis and Development Programme, Kenya, Client- Ministry of Energy, Kenya; funded by the World Bank

This key project component of "Energy Sector Recovery Project", a World Bank funded Program involved 3 key segments:

  • Development of Wind Atlas for Kenya at national level
  • An extensive Capacity Building Program including a Study Tour to Europe
  • Development of Wind Prospectus and Sector Development for Kenya

Development of comprehensive wind map in Malaysia, Client- Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA Malaysia)

This project involves development of national level wind atlas for Malaysia as a result of wind resource mapping of the entire Malaysia (Peninsular & East Malaysia) including Meso & Micro Mapping for 10 sites, installation of wind met masts at 7 sites across Malaysia, one year data collection from these Masts (with monthly data analysis), detailed Wind Resource assessment, capacity building programme, selection of potential sites for wind power project development and recommendations for project development possibility on these sites.

Technical Due Diligence of more than 2800 MW of wind capacity for acquisition in countries such as India and Japan

The project involves Independent Technical audit of existing wind-farms to determine performance; assessment of grid & machine availability, assessment of current condition of the plant; evaluation and assessment of the reasons for shortfall and recommendations for improvement in overall wind farm output.

Lender's Independent Engineer services for 370 MW+ of Wind Energy capacity in India

WinDForce is empanelled with lenders such as SBI, L&T Infra, PFS, IREDA, IDFC, IFCI, Olympus Capital, Avigo Capital and our reports have been accepted by lenders including Axis Bank, Standard Chartered, Indian Bank, PNB, US Exim Bank. The services involves due-diligence of wind resource assessments, contracts, estimated costs, permits & licenses; construction monitoring, certification for draw-down, final acceptance tests; power curve performance test witnessing and annual O&M reviews.

Offshore Wind Market Study in India, for a European Client

The project entails analyzing and writing a report on offshore wind sector development in India. Key components of this report include

  • Offshore Policy Study in India
  • Offshore Wind Power Market in India
  • Offshore Wind Energy barrier and solutions for India

Development of Spatial Wind tool- PLF@Click to assess wind resource of any location in India at Meso Scale, and estimate expected generation based on a choice of wind turbine, Client- World Wind Energy Association, Technology Platform

Spatial Wind ( is a wind prospecting and wind turbine energy assessment tool based on a web based computational application that enables the registered members to quickly assess any site location in India for its wind resource. The project develops a Meso scale wind map for any location in India using a variety of data sources. The accuracy is dynamically updated with real time date available from wind projects/wind masts.n experienced team of project engineers for real time monitoring of the project execution at the site is done. All the works - civil, electrical and mechanical are monitored as per the agreed QAP and time schedules.

To be a leading international wind energy services company providing cutting edge scientific and engineering solutions.

To engage with diverse clients across the world in creating significant value for them by innovative problem solving approaches leveraged by strong knowledge base and reliable and high quality delivery processes.