WinDForce’s services for Investors in Wind Power Projects (WPPs)

WinDForce, with its extensive knowledge base of the wind industry and fair understanding of wind climatology in India, is in a unique position to guide prospective investors and lenders to invest and lend in the growing wind sector.

WinDForce has deep insights into the regulatory framework, tariff structures and incentives prevalent in all the states in India. Coupled with its sound understanding of the different type of wind turbine technology and respective grid sensitivities, WinDForce can suggest the best combination of WTG technology and windfarm site for highest revenue realization from a proposed WPPs.

In a dynamic regulatory environment for renewable energy sector, particularly wind, Government is coming up with new incentives and guidelines to promote the investment in wind energy sector like Generation Based Incentives (GBI) and tradable instruments like the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), as well as the different tariffs and regulations for each state. This makes investment in India promising but a challenging exercise for a new investor – because of the many options available in different combinations. WinDForce has a comprehensive understanding of the prevailing regulatory norms and demonstrated expertise in wind resource and technology assessments that can be of immense help to potential investors especially the IPPs.

WinDForce has proven itself to be a trustworthy and highly capable partner for its Clients desiring to invest in the WPPs. WinDForce with its team of seasoned professionals who have guided investors in evaluating both green field as well as brown field projects, both in India and abroad, can help prospective investors with sound advice on both WTG technology & windfarm site selection; and can also help them to identify and steer clear around potential pitfalls that may have adverse impact on the revenue realization from the proposed WPPs.

To be a leading international wind energy services company providing cutting edge scientific and engineering solutions.

To engage with diverse clients across the world in creating significant value for them by innovative problem solving approaches leveraged by strong knowledge base and reliable and high quality delivery processes.