Project Implementation Services - Owner's Engineer

WinDForce has already executed more than 150 MW wind projects in India as Owner's Engineer. Through its extensive knowledge of issues involved in project implementation WinDForce is fully geared to ensure wind projects get implemented as per the agreed contract terms with full adherence to desired quality standards and project schedule.

Successful execution of projects is ensured by 24X7 deployment of project supervisory staff at the site.WinDForce as Owner's Engineer for monitoring and supervision of project activities undertakes the following :

  • Prepare a detailed implementation plan with the vendor and other contractors
  • Set up a project office near the Project Site.
  • Deploy qualified engineers and supervisory staff at Site for 24X7 monitoring of project activities.
  • Check and monitor major equipment at points of despatch and delivery
  • Prepare documentation and reports with respect to despatch, transport, delivery and storage of all equipment and materials at site.
  • Scrutinize soil test report of WTG locations to ensure that requisite SBC for foundation design is complied with.
  • Carry out incoming inspection of all materials (relevant to civil and electrical constructions) and equipments (blades, nacelle and the components/ sub-assemblies inside, hub, control & power panels, tower sections, tower internals, cables, conductors, insulators, structural steel members, etc.) for quality and soundness and also record the short specifications.
  • Witness/ensure tests for steel, cement, water, aggregates, concrete mix, transformer oil, and other relevant tests to measure transformer coil and earth electrode resistances.
  • Co-ordinate with Project managers of OEM/Developer's for timely implementation of activities and adherence to quality assurance plans
  • In case of major quality problems, raise alarm and call for corrective actions from Contractor and if required, request intervention from the Client.
  • Set up a communication system for project progress updates to client and help implement countermeasures against unforeseen factors/ eventualities during implementation of the project.
  • Witness/ supervise in-process construction and erection activities for quality and workmanship
  • Witness and verify adherence to the standard engineering practices and quality protocols during pre-commissioning and commissioning.

To be a leading international wind energy services company providing cutting edge scientific and engineering solutions.

To engage with diverse clients across the world in creating significant value for them by innovative problem solving approaches leveraged by strong knowledge base and reliable and high quality delivery processes.