Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance

For the projects implemented by WinDForce, the company offers to undertake operation and maintenance for a period of 20 years. Wind force offers professional operation and maintenance consulting services for existing wind farms. Wind farm technical management consulting services of WinDForce focusses on preventive and predictive operation and maintenance as well as condition monitoring of wind turbines, availability of spares, minimised downtime due to early action in repair and maintenance and continuous monitoring of the health of wind turbines and the balance of the system. For the projects that are already under Operation and Maintenance contract with Wind Turbine Suppliers, WinDForce offers to act as owners engineer in Wind farm technical management Consulting and monitoring of the Operation and Maintenance of the wind farms in India and across the world. Monitoring of wind turbine components and that of the balance of the system such as feeders, switchgear, transformers etc. enables WinDForce to advise the wind farm owner of early preventive action to reduce the downtime of the machine, even though machines are maintained by WT suppliers or other third party agencies. Technical management Consulting services of WinDForce has a highly proactive approach towards maintenance and early repair.

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