Contract Management

WinDForce provides services for review of all contracts normaly entered into by an investor with a wind farm developer. A complete understanding of the nuances of a wind power project development enables WinDForce to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the contracts like , Supply, Erection & Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance, Land Development. Such a review and analysis ensures that:

  • Risks as an investor are minimized by review of all contracts with regard to the scope of work, role of parties to the agreement, terms and liabilities, quality of implementation, performance guarantees
  • Improvements can be suggested to safeguard investors interest against technical, financial and implementation/operational risks,
  • Performance guarantees, including guarantees provided by equipment suppliers are clearly defined and enforceable
  • Details of technical standards to be followed by the vendor are well defined
  • Reporting and monitoring provisions are taken care of
  • Ambiguity in any contractual obligations are minimized and removed.

To be a leading international wind energy services company providing cutting edge scientific and engineering solutions.

To engage with diverse clients across the world in creating significant value for them by innovative problem solving approaches leveraged by strong knowledge base and reliable and high quality delivery processes.