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WinDForce is pleased to present, for the first time in India, wind and expected generation forecasts for the major wind farm areas of the country. We have made these forecasts with the objective of bringing about significant improvements in the operation of windfarms as well as their integration with the grid. The forecasts are meant for project owners and utilities such as Discoms, SLDCs and NLDC to appropriately take decisions with regard to Load Dispatch, Scheduling and Forecasting with a view to maximize generation from Wind Farms across the country. Hoping this will help Industry to comply with scheduling and forecasting of windfarms as required by CERC and also to plan maintenance in low wind periods.  

WinDForce Wind energy forecast is based on research and analysis with weather models and global databases. We have also added expected generation forecasts as a per cent of rated power and hope this brings greater clarity on expected generation from windfarms. The forecast we bring to you with this email is a broad level forecast for the windfarm regions but we have not taken into account local terrain, climatic conditions or plan of the windfarms. Therefore, these forecasts should be looked at in relative and indicative terms. In case you need forecasts specifically for your windfarms, please feel free to contact us for our complete services involving both, scheduling and forecasting and coordination with SLDC etc.  

We would request you to kindly send us the feedback on our forecasts with the actual generation at your windfarms in these regions, so that we are able improve this service for you. 

You can reach us at the below mentioned details: 

Deepshikha Sharma 
Email: deepshikha@windforce-management.com 

The forecast for next 48 hours at 80m height are available as follows:

Disclaimer: Kindly Note that this forecast is not for any specific windfarm or Wind Turbine and should be treated as a general forecast based on prevailing scientific knowledge and the state of modelling tools. We shall not be responsible for any loss, commercial or otherwise to any entity in use of this information which is made available free of any charge.